A splendid place women only in Northern Umbria. For you, run by women for women



The frequency costs usually go between  Euro 45,00 and Euro 80,00 per person per day for a minimum of two nights unless otherwise agreed (we kindly invite you to contact us for the description of the accommodations and for their availability so as to suggest you the best solution according to your needs or else to verify any possible exception). The costs include the use of:

  •         the buildings and the park

  •         the parking place

  •         the swimming pool and the sunbathing, swimming and sporting equipments

  •         the bookshelves, the videos, the hi-fi and the music instruments

  •         the bed and bathroom linen

  •         the support for the sightseeing, for wine and food paths and the spare time.

The environments at your disposal, so better described on the pages of this web-site, have been chosen with accuracy and elegance and they are convenient, comfortable and suitable to both the singles and the groups. In case you wish to supply us with the characteristics of your needs we shall may together find out the right solution in consideration of your budget and the accommodation so as to offer you a relaxing and protected permanence according to our mutual needs.

 Each one of you may chose the most appropriate formula when contacting the Club for the booking of: meals (costs on your account), the free use of the kitchen or else by reserving an equipped, private and independent area. The admittance of each event is subject to the subscription of a fee (for the information on the subscription click here).

 The chance for all of you to find out with the Club the most favourable and economic solutions. In particular, for those who are orderly with the annual fee it is possible to subscribe the advantageous and experimental fee so called “economy year” thought to encourage the assiduousness, the saving or to those who simply want to help this project in the direction of  its longevity and stability.


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